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El Canto Nature Reserve

A Real Treasure of Costa Rica

Just a 15-minute drive from the La Fortuna, you may discover our private nature reserve, which stands as a hidden jewel among popular La Fortuna’s attractions. In it, you’ll find the best of both worlds, as our reserve is a natural bridge between the Monteverde cloud forest and the more typical rainforest of Costa Rica.


Thus, in this meeting of two worlds of nature, you will find a hidden, almost unexplored ecosystem with natural species of both forests, with a wide variety of rare tree and flower species (most of them endangered) surrounding you and fostering an equally diverse collection of birds, monkeys, rodents, reptiles and amphibians, among other animals.

With luck, you may spot a troop of howler monkeys hanging from a high tree, a friendly sloth coming to greet you from a branch, a flock of toucans flying high above, or one of the many other inhabitants of the

El Canto Nature Reserve in La Fortuna. Though sometimes elusive, these delightful encounters may be more likely in our reserve than in other, more crowded nature sites.


The best way to discover the flora and fauna of the region may be to hike down to the waterfall, via our accessible hiking trails. Just a half-mile long, they allow you to discover local trees such as the Manú, Caobilla or Ojoche, and their importance to local animal species and human populations, learning about their uses while you marvel at the sight and sounds of the forest.